Over the weekend, the wife and I were out doing errands and going here and there, typical catch up weekend stuff. We were leaving a store, and as we were about to move when the light turned green, the person behind me just laid on his horn.

Now mind you the light was green for a matter of a second or two. This jerk didn’t even tap his horn he just held on to it. What I want to know is did that second or two really make a difference on getting to your destination? When I see things like this, that person usually end up at the next red light just a few seconds before me.

Another thing that happened was we were waiting to pick up my wife’s son from his work. I backed into the parking space. I saw that I was close to the vehicle next to me, but I was also in my car, with the engine running. I saw him come out with his family, and got a nasty look and gesture from this person. I opened the window and told him to hold on and I would move it. To which he responded “why don’t you park a little closer next time?” I believe he followed that by a phrase that included an “f” bomb, while he was holding his child. What a great role model, dad. You are a class act. Let me nominate you for "Father Of The Year." I would have understood this if I wasn’t in my car. I would have been a little angry too, if someone parked that close to my car.

Of course the one other thing, which seems to happen quite frequently is the “pull in front of you while you’re doing the speed limit, only to have that person go slower than you are, even though you may be doing the speed limit” technique, especially in the left lane.

There-Now that I have vented, do you think people are getting ruder?