It's time to relive another great country music memory as we go back in time for this week's edition of Flashback Friday. This week we head back 18 years for a top 5 hit from Doug Stone "Addicted To A Dollar".

From Doug's 1993 album "More Love", "Addicted To A Dollar" was released in February of 1994. It would reach #4 on the Billboard Country charts later that year and was an even bigger hit in Canada hitting #1. It was part of a consistent string of top 10 hits that Doug would have in the early 90's that would also include numerous #1's here in the U.S.

Doug's life certainly hasn't been an easy one as early in his career he would undergo bypass surgery to remove a blockage in his arteries. A few years later he would discover a lump in his nostrils that would hinder his breathing which luckily wasn't cancerous. He also survived two plane crashes and was involved in some legal issues involving failure to pay child support and domestic abuse. Doug's life certainly could be a country song.

As for this song itself, it still stands the test of time.  There are many people, including myself working many hours to make ends meet. We truly are addcited to a dollar!