While I was on WGNA last night, there was one part of a commercial that caught my ear. It mentioned how every type of blood is the right type, but the rarest type is the type of blood that’s not available when somebody needs it.

That got me thinking about how there seems to be a bigger need for blood around a holiday. This is where we could help change that. You can donate blood almost anytime, and not just around a holiday. Just think, this could make you a hero, just by donating something that most of us can afford to give a little, and it could be helping someone stay alive. Whether they were in an accident or someone needs it if they’re in the hospital.

The American Red Cross Of Northeastern New York almost always have a blood drive going on in, or near the Albany area. The Red Cross has a donation center at 33 Everett Road in Colonie. For most of the blood drives, you’ll need to set up an appointment. There could be a blood drive near you.

Usually you hear about donating money for a great cause. This time, all I’m asking for is your blood. As their website states - “The Need is constant. The Gratification is instant. Give blood.” If you’ve given blood, where did you go to donate?