I know that the idea that a Mother could actually kill her own little girl is very hard for anyone to take. I also know that in a world obsessed with the instantaneous sharing of thoughts the internet has provided us, people don't always think before they write things. This however is something that you at least had to read, then re-post on your own status, and I just don't understand.
Again , let me make it clear, I am no supporter of Casey Anthony. I will accept the jury did their best and there just wasn't enough evidence to convict her. I don't know , I wasn't there.
Also, I think that positive thoughts, prayers and sympathy for little Caylee is a wonderful and necessary thing. Here is what I don't like.
I don't like anyone speaking for another person, I especially don't like others speaking on behalf of the dead or children. So this to me is somehow doubly offensive, I'm sure if you have a Facebook account you have seen it.

"Dear Mommy...I see you smile down there below...are those tears of joy you show? I'm glad your happy, although you lied...I'd love to be right by your side...but by your choice, I view from above...tell my Grandparents I send my love...it's Beautiful here, is all I can say...your life will go on... without me in your way.

Love Caylee


Am I the only one who is bothered by this? I understand it is a creative way to get one's point across, but I don't know something about it makes me a little sick. I would love to know your opinion, not on the trial , or the mother or the tragedy of it all, just this post. Maybe I am just crazy. But I say, "Please, do NOT re post".

God Bless