Ever get lost browsing the internet?  It's a daily thing for me, I start out researching something for an article and end up watching 4 hours of pointless Youtube videos.  I do sometimes find some interesting stuff in my internet travels though.  Here are three you might want to check out:

  • Pretty much everybody likes to make fun of Taylor Swift and all her break ups, and the new album she releases after each break up.  TheFW.com shared a recording from a radio station in England where Samuel L. Jackson delivered his version of “We are Never Ever Getting Back Together”.  It does have a bit of swearing in it, so you might not want to listen with the kids in the room, but it should make you smile.


  • George Strait is heading out on what he’s calling his final tour, and while he still plans to make music he doesn’t plan to keep touring actively after this round.  He sold 77,000 tickets in the first two minutes -  where he will sing the closing night at Rodeo Houston on March 17th.  You can read more about this on Taste of Country's website.


  • Richie is still a little worked up over the Lance Armstrong confession, which we talked about this morning but he’s also posted an article on Wgna.com because he’s wondering how everybody else feels about the whole situation.