The internet is kinda like the Bermuda Triangle for me.  I go out in search of something… and get lost for hours (or days, even) in the maze of STUFF that exists.  Videos, memes, top 10 lists, funny quotes – there just isn’t enough hours in the day to fit it all in.  I think I’m going to get all kinds of work done and before I know it, I’ve lost hours (or days, even) to nonsense.  To save you some time, I found a few links for you to check out today on your break (and then you can get back to work, for real this time):

  • It’s beyond cold out right now, (Steve Caporizzo calls this an ARCTIC BLAST!) It’s the kind of cold that makes me want to stay inside and curl up on the couch with the dogs and a blanket – but there are quite a few winter activities you could be doing outside to take advantage of winter.  The has a bunch of videos about these unusual activities – like winter Kayaking (use the Kayak like a sled, basically), racing down hills on shovels, or maybe redneck kneeboarding.  Redneck kneeboarding is where you kneel on a kneeboard usually used in water and pulled behind a boat – but in this unusual winter activity you get pulled across the snow by a snowmobile or car.


  • What if you had a 6 figure salary and paid someone else $50,000 to do your job?  You’d still make good money and you could watch cat videos and use Facebook all day.  That’s what “Developer Bob” did.   This guy had a job as a computer programmer and outsourced his work to someone in China  - BRILLIANT!  During every quarterly performance review, Developer Bob was repeatedly named as the best developer in the building!  The company only discovered he had outsourced his job because they noticed an unknown user in China was accessing the network remotely.  Too bad Developer Bob didn’t think about that, he could still be getting paid to watch cat videos.  The full article is available on


  • Getting married sometime soon?  You probably spend a lot of time thinking about the song to use for your first dance, but what about the Mother/Son dance? has a list of the top 10 country songs used for the Mother/Son dance,  songs include “I Hope You Dance” from Lee Ann Womack, “It’s Your Song” by Garth Brooks and “Wind Beneath my Wings” by Gary Morris.   For the full list of songs, you can visit