Let's see if you can separate fact from fiction regarding Taste Of Country Music Festival Headliner Dierks Bentley.  

He'll be at the Taste of Country Music Festival at Hunter Mountain.  Here's the schedule of events, by the way.  Now, how much do you know about him?  Which of the statements are FACT and which are CRAP? (answers below his photo, so don't cheat)
    1. His real first name is Frederick
    2. He  went to college in Vermont
    3. He worked for MTV for awhile, but felt that he didn't fit in
    4. He is the second youngest Grand Old Opry inductee
    5. He has his pilot's license
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  1. Fact (Dierks was his great grandmother's surname and he used it for his middle name)
  2. Fact - Went to University of Vermont for one year
  3. Crap - But he did work for the Nashville Network researching old footage of country music performances
  4. Crap  - he's the third right after Carie Underwood and Josh Turner
  5. Yep! Owns a private pilot's license
   And he'll be at the Taste Of Country Music Festival?  FACT!!  He'll be there on Friday nite  as part of a 3 day all-star lineup.   Be there!!!
  from Wikipedia.org