Two movies you can take your woman too and two movies you could take a really COOL woman to this Valentine's Day Weekend. Let's check them out in the Trailer Park.

I am starting to think if you see "John McClane" you should leave the area as fast as possible. This is the fifth Die Hard movie and this time he is teaming up with his son in Russia. Here's the trailer for "A Good Day to Die Hard". That title makes the child in me giggle A LOT!



If you're like me your Valentine is the kind of female you want to spend the rest of your life with and you'd give anything to put a smile on her face. So taking my 9 year daughter to a animated movie about aliens is a win/win this Valentine's Day. lol here's the trailer for "Escape From Planet Earth".



What are all the pretty people doing? They're starring in the new Nicholas Sparks movie "Safe Haven". Josh Duhamel, Julianne Hough and "How I Met Your Mother's" Cobie Smulders make me wish I did more crunches then shots.



Has "Twilight" left a hole in you Tween heart? Have you been looking for a supernatural love story to fill the void? I may have the answer for you, "Beautiful Creatures". Witches falling in love. I'm Team Sabrina! She was my favorite Teenage Witch!