At a television conference over the weekend, the pair of guys responsible for the amazing teen drama, Dawson's Creek revealed that Joey almost ended up with Dawson!  I'm sorry, what!?!

From what I understand, right up until the finale, Joey was going to end up in the arms of Dawson!  But then, while writing the final show, which, if you remember correctly, jumped ahead 5 years, Paul Stupin decided that didn't seem quite right.  He and Kevin Williamson decided that Joey should end up with Pacey instead.

Williamson said he wanted the show to be

"surprising, honest and real and say something about soul mates and what soul mates can be..."

Oh it was, Kevin.  It really was.

How did you like the ending of the show?  Do you wish Joey would have picked Dawson instead?  Were they the true sole mates?

This trailer will make you feel all the same feels you felt back then -