On April 21st and 22nd, a few of the Northeast’s best known Country Line and Couples Dance instructors are headed to the annual Country Dance Fest at Saratoga Music Hall.

1. How did you get into Country Line Dancing?

I was brought out for a "girls night out" to Illusions in Wolcott, CT and with the passion of dance and the friendly atmosphere of the people, I was immediately hooked!

2. What is your favorite Country dance song?

Breathe- Faith Hill

3. Why should people try Country Line Dancing?

Exercise for the body & mind and be surrounded with friendly people

4. How has Country Line Dancing changed your life?

I've met so many wonderful people, a dance family! Dancing brought Michael & I together 14 years ago.

5. Where is your favorite place in the world to go Country Line Dancing?

Cadillac Ranch, Southington, CT www.caddyranch.com

Michael Silva and Paula Frohn will join Country Dance Fest at Saratoga Music Hall (above City Hall) April 21st and 22nd.  Michael and Paula were featured on all of Kevin Richards' National Country Cruises, and we're honored to have them be a part of the Northeast Country Dance Fest. For more information on Country Dance Fest 2012, click here.

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Paula has been teaching Country dance since 1989, both line and couples at all levels and ages. She has taught at many town programs, out-of-state-workshops, and local clubs including her present position as the main instructor/dance coordinator at the Cadillac Ranch Restaurant in Southington, CT since 1994.

Frohn has been a member of the NEWDA since 90', a Board Member in '91 , and the Treasure in '92. In 1992, she became a member of NTA and was CT State Director '95 to 2000. She actively participates in NTAs Accreditation Program, completing 5 levels.

In 1993, Frohn formed the Jus Gotta Country Dance Group to meet the requests for demonstrations. This group consists of social dancers at their best, no membership or dues that love to dance and want to have fun! One of the highlights of the group is their appearance on the Wildhorse Saloon, performing a spotlight dance.

Frohn has performed at the Hunter Mountain Music Festival in 91 & 92', on stage with Kenny Rogers in 92' and competed at the Big Apple Dance Festival in 98', placing 1st Place Overall in the Crystal Division, dancing Two Step, Cha Cha, Waltz & W.C. Swing. She competed at the Big Apple Dance Festival 00', dancing in Pro-Pro w/John Knapp in Two Step and placed Gold w/Honors.

Frohn, also, has choreographed several dances (Dont Just Walk It, Antidote, Forever Yours, We Danced, Something Like That, Eleven 01 & more), which have been danced and published nationally.

Frohn works full time as an Marketing Development Manager for Coca-Cola.
Engaged to Michael Silva, with which they have a little one, Ernie (Italian Greyhound).