Everyone is looking for ways to save money. Today, we'd like to share an idea that could save you some cash on parking, gas, vehicle wear and tear, and lower your stress level- The Northway Express from CDTA.

I'll admit the first thing that caught my attention was free Wifi. Imagine just sitting back, relaxing, drinking your coffee and surfing the internet on the way to work. Not to mention, not fighting traffic and not having to worry about where to park. It seems like the perfect way to start a work day!

The Northway Express also offers a flexible schedule just in case you need to get home early with midday returns at Noon and 2pm. There are over a dozen pick up spots and times every morning in Saratoga County. If this sounds appealing to enhance your commute every morning, there's even a swiper pass to make the entire process convenient. Click here for prices that start at just $35 for 10 rides from the Clifton Park area, $39 for 10 rides from the Ballston Spa area, and $50 for 10 rides from the South Glens Falls and Wilton area.

Give the Northway Express a try and see if an easier commute translates to less stress, saving money, and helping the environment.