I'm really getting sick to death of this campaign already.  I'm not taking sides politically. I'm just talking about the style of this this election season.  Do you agree?

Maybe you folks are enjoying it. I have to admit in the beginning I got sucked in as well,  but really – enough is enough.   Donald – you're the first to blame.   Again, I'm not talking about your politics.   You actually do make some good points.   But your campaign platform gets partially obscured by your ridiculous comments used to simply get Twitter tweeting, Instagram Instagramming, and Facebook "liking".

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Going back-and-forth in a national debate making seventh grade jokes about people's looks is not what this country needs at this point,  no matter who's making the comments.

And yes, people are making jokes about your orange hair as well, so you've been the recipient of sophomoric puns too, to be fair.

This country is in deep doo doo.  We are TRILLIONS in debt.  We aren't respected overseas.  We have terrorism at our doorsteps.  We're living paycheck to paycheck.  We need answers, not antics.  (See that?  I just re-read what I wrote… That's Trump's platform actually!  He would be taken much more seriously if he and everyone else would just - CUT THE CRAP! )

I'm sure there will be much more before it's over on both sides of the fence.  I'm worried about this country, aren't you?  Would love your comments.