Clifton Park Center is looking to expand AGAIN!Clifton Park Center owners will seek approval to build an addition to the always expanding mall.  This project will include a single-story, L-shaped building in the parking lot next to the Olive Garden.

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I love what Clifton Park Center has become.  I feel like it was yesterday the Olive Garden was completed.  There’s an amazing movie theater, a new Ann Taylor, Buffalo Wild Wings, Chipolte and so many more stores.  So I know this new addition will bring a greater selection of retailers and restaurants and I can’t wait!

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I know there are many people out there who feel that Clifton Park is already to “busy” or has too many “chain” restaurants.  As a CP resident, I personally love it.  Always something to do and somewhere to go!  What do you think of Clifton Park Center expanding?  What store or Restaurant would you like to see open?