Price Chopper wants to purchase the property of St. Patrick’s Church on 19th Street in Watervliet, and build a store in place of the historic church. The church closed in September of 2011.

I saw this story on News 10 ABC. St. Patrick’s Church building is in need of some major repairs - about $6 million dollars worth. If Price Chopper buys it, the church structures would be torn down, and a brand new Price Chopper will be built. This  would take the place of the current smaller, outdated Price Chopper on Second Avenue, just a few blocks away from the church.

At a City Council meeting, many of the people that live in the area of the church expressed their concerns about more traffic, trucks and parking in their neighborhood. There will be another City Council meeting between now and May 17.

I usually don’t like to see older buildings torn down, but I also understand that $6 million dollars is a lot of money to repair a building that has been closed. How do feel about tearing down St. Patrick’s Church and putting a Price Chopper in it’s place?