If you know me at all you know I can be a bit of a humbug. It's not that I don't appreciate Christmas, I do. I appreciate Christmas on both the traditional religious level and even the commercial level. I just never really appreciated it NEARLY as much as the rest of the world seemed to.

Ugh, the decorations, the Black Friday sales, and worst of all the music, all of them always started way too soon for me and are all far too pervasive in our everyday lives. I mean, really people its just a holiday do we really have to convince ourselves every year that it is more than that? Do we have to try so hard to convince ourselves that is is something special in our hearts that lasts for weeks and not just one morning? What is with these people with their manufactured cheer? Leave me alone, I have work to do! That is how I have always felt this time of year.

Sean McMaster

Until now?

I don't know what is wrong with me but this year I seem to be elated by all things Christmas. I was the first one to have the decorations on my house and my biggest goal this weekend was to get the tree up and the decorations on their proper walls and shelves for the season. Heck, I even made sure the Elf on the Shelf made his glorious return to the McMaster family home complete with a note from Santa. Wait let me check something..... nope, no fever.

Sean McMaster

Perhaps, I just really need to feel good about Christmas this year, maybe the world has finally gotten more bitter than me and I feel the need to fight back. I do know that I am getting tired of a world where people are more apt to tear another down than lift them higher. I am very tired of corporate coldness and the need for money and "success" taking place of the need for family. I know I am sometimes disgusted by a world where we feel more a need to take pics and selfies at exciting events to share with the world than just enjoying the moments and sharing them with out own hearts. Maybe the world needs a little Christmas.

Sean McMaster

I really can't explain the change but I know this, never look a gift horse ringing a warm feeling for your heart in the mouth. I will try to enjoy it and heck maybe even sing a few Christmas carols before it is all said and done.

Maybe my heart grew three sizes today. Okay! Let's not get crazy here but even if the feeling is fleeting I am glad I have it and I hope everyone gets to feel a little Christmas joy this year as well. If it helps here is one of my FAVORITE Christmas songs from of course the cast of "GLEE" (Really Sean?....Glee????)