Is that possible?  Read on! 

Accordng to,  the Russian government has put a stop to 5,000 containers of Chobani Yogurt.   I guess the proper paperwork was not handed over in time.

I hate to ruin your appetite, but now the yogurt is being held in storage in NEWARK.

This is a big deal, folks. A pretty funny statement came from Peter McGuinness, Chobani's chief marketing and brand officer:

"I'd like to think that yogurt could have diplomatic immunity,"


Wait a minute!  I thought that yogurt is supposed to boost your immunity.  It's got probiotics in it!

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I guess until they check all the expiration dates on all of the containers, it ain't going nowhere, and according to the deal made, athletes can't have any other kind of yogurt while they are there.

Will there be a Yogurt riot?      I'm making up tee shirts - "FREE THE YOGURT 4,000". I'm telling you, this issue is really hard to digest.