You may remember Kayla Sarro as the girl who won the contest to sing on stage with Keith Urban at the Taste Of Country Music Festival, where she did an amazing job representing WGNA and the entire Capital Region.

Well, we saw her again at a recent concert and she was telling Bethany, Richie and me about a new song she was recording and wanted to know if we would give it a listen.  We, of course, said sure but I have to be honest, while I think she is a talented girl my expectations were not very high. Usually when a song is done by a local artist it lacks a certain polished sound and often times a young artist who can do really good covers may not have figured out their own style and sometimes they have trouble making an original song really work. Kayla's song was definitely a wonderful surprise.

Kayla Sarro


The song was written by a songwriter named Margaret Valentine who lives in Saratoga and in Nashville. I asked her about Kayla and the song and she said:

"I have recently taken on helping to develop Kayla and it has been such a pleasure!! She's a great kid and seems to have all of the instincts headed in the right direction. I was thrilled to hear you liked the song Trouble.....I wrote that with Isa Machine from the band Florence and the Machine and when I heard Kayla, I had a strong feeling she could make that song her own."

It seems like she did and Kayla and Magaret would LOVE to know what you think. Give it a listen and make sure to let them know what you think!

Check out "Trouble" by Kayla Sarro: