I Am Married To The Best Woman In The World
If you are looking for the best woman in the world, you can give up the search cause you missed out. I found her and - sucks to be you - but she's married to me. No offense to you if you're a woman reading this. I'm sure you're plenty great also. But, second place is the best you…
Make a Difference In a Kid’s Life This Halloween
You have a million things to do before kids start ringing your bell looking for candy. It’s easy to get impatient with little ones who take a long time picking out a piece of candy or if they don’t say thank you. But what you might not know is that little kid standing…
Halloween Safety Tips Every Parent Should Know
I haven't been this excited for Halloween since I was a little girl. I grew up in Scotia and wish I could say that my costumes were super cool, but I was obsessed with ballet, so I was a perpetual ballerina. So if you remember a little girl showing up for candy at your house, wearing the same c…
No-Show Wedding Guest Receives Bill
My wedding reception was an incredibly casual BBQ type of affair with an open invite to all friends and family. Although my reception was 'drop-in-if-you-can,' I did try to get a general headcount so that I'd know how much food to order from the caterer.

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