JJ Watt Can Not Find A Girlfriend – An NFL Tragedy
Sure you may think you would want to be Houston Texan football player JJ Watt, he just signed a 100 million dollar contract and can do just about anything on a football field. Sure he gets invited to celebrity gatherings in the off season and rents private jets to go to college football games with h…
Amazing Poem For Moms On Their Kids’ First Day Of School
My wife has been having a very hard time with our son Caden's first of school. I have been mocking her for about a solid week now saying things like, "Guess what they send them home everyday now" and "It's a school bus not a black hole!" The truth of the matter is , I do know wha…
My Quest For Cheez Whiz
So my father-in-law is now a proud permanent New York resident again -  We helped him move from New Jersey into a really nice independent living facility in Clifton Park called Coburg Village. This did come with a slight catch, however.
Why I Hate Pre-School Graduations
If you listen to me on the radio much you may know my stance on elementary and middle school graduations and moving up ceremonies is pretty simple, they are dumb! I have always said that the praise should wait until at least the  high school graduation. The fact that you are simply moving to an…

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