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Bethany’s Weekend Playlist – January 15, 2016
Happy Friday!  In order to guarantee a fantastic weekend, I've gathered a few of the songs that I'm personally obsessed with and put them in one place so I can listen to them easily and so that I can share them with you!
Here are some songs you should be listening to  -
Welcome Saint West! Kim and Kanye’s Baby Is Here
Kim and Kanye's baby was one of the most anticipated babies of the year!  People were more excited to see what she was going to name the little creature than anything else!
And, the couple's second child has as unique a name as their firstborn, North West, but did they disappoint...
Cole Swindell Backstage At Upstate Concert Hall [Watch]
Did you know that Cole Swindell sold merch for Luke Bryan when Luke played Upstate Concert Hall a couple of years ago?  Well he did!  And that's just one of the secrets he revealed to us when he sat down with us backstage at Upstate Concert Hall last weekend...
Kobe’s Love Note to Basketball [Read]
There's been a lot of talk that  KOBE BRYANT could be retiring after this season.
He's 37 years old.  He's had a couple of serious injuries recently. and quite frankly, he isn't really in top form lately.
Well yesterday, Kobe confirmed he's retiring after this s…
Adults Trying School Lunches [Watch]
We all had our favorite school lunch!  I loved taco day, personally!  Many people loved pizza day, or even the chicken patty!
But, what if we had to eat that food now?  How would that go?
My kids want to take their lunch everyday, and I'm okay with that...

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