Restroom Hand Dryers Blowing Feces
I actually prefer those high powered hand dryers over paper towels in the restrooms. I felt that if nothing was touching my hands, but air, it was probably the most sanitary way to dry my hands. A study shows this is definitely not the case and I'm grossed out over it.
Jacob Monday To Ellen Show: You’re Next!
Jacob Monday is the amazing 16 year old Shen sophomore who has decided to forego another round of chemo to spend the rest of his days fullfilling the wishes he's laid out with a bucket list of adventures.  Just a few days ago, one of the big one's was crossed off the list when Avenger's star Chris P…
Saint Rick? 5 Reasons Rick Pitino Could End Up Coaching Siena
Rumor has it that Hall of Fame college basketball coach Rick Pitino is interested in the head coaching vacancy at Siena College.  While it may seem like a longshot, the disgraced coaching legend and the fledgling basketball program may actually be a good fit.  Do I think it will happen? It…
Is Free-Range Parenting Making A Comeback?
You've heard of free-range chicken and eggs, but recently the term free 'range- parenting' has been in the news cycle.  Free-range parenting is the concept that giving kids the freedom to do things alone — like explore a playground, visit a friend or ride a bike to school — makes them healthier, hap…
Avengers Star A Real Life Superhero For Shen’s Jacob Monday (PIC)
Jacob Monday is the terminally ill Shen sophomore whom an entire community is rallying behind.  The 16 year old has decided to forego another round of chemo and spend the rest of his days fullfilling the wishes he's laid out with a bucket list of adventures that include indoor skydiving, standing un…
Kid Rock Ticket Pre-Sale
It's another HUGE show coming to SPAC this summer, and we've got your pre-sale code to buy tickets before the general public!
Upstate Police Sick Of Winter Attempt To Arrest Groundhog(PIC)
If we don't get that much needed 65 or 70 degree day around here really soon, I hope the Albany, Schenectady or Troy Police take note of what these boys in blue did!  This is one humorous (and hopefully effective) way to deal with the cold weather that has been loitering in New York State for way to…
Stewart’s Ice Cream Recall
One of my favorite flavors of Stewart's ice cream is being recalled for improper labeling. The mistake could lead to something more serious so they are asking consumers to check their freezers.

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