GNA Morning Rush

Thunder? Or Is That Just God Bowling?
So last night there were some major rain storms. There was heavy rain, wind and even thunder and lightening. At one point the thunder was really loud. Ryan asked me what it was and I said, "Oh it's just God bowling."
Changes to Ride at Great Escape [VIDEO]
I've lived in the Capital Region my whole life, so most of my best memories are from right here in the 518. I have family in Lake George so any weekend we could, that's where we'd be and more specifically, Great Escape & Splashwater Kingdom.
Restaurant Ban Causes Outrage But More Customers?
I don't have children yet so sometimes when debates regarding children come up, I feel I may be out of my element, except I heard this story from a restaurant in North Carolina and I think they have a point.
I Owe April The Giraffe An Apology
A few weeks ago, I went on the air saying what an incredible internet hoax it would be if April the giraffe wasn't pregnant. I actually believed and wrote a blog about how, as April Fool's Day approached, this would be the best prank ever. Well, now I just feel bad.
Is Your Money Fake
More fake money is being circulated throughout the area. Yes, it'd be pretty cool to have some of the money used in movies shot locally like "Place Beyond the Pines" or "Daddy's Home 2" unless of course, you go to spend it.
Promposals Back In The Day
It seems every time I open up social media, there is another person doing a clever, well thought out promposal. When I was in high school, there was no such thing, we were just asked.
How Do You String Cheese? [PICTURE]
I got yelled at in the office because of the way I eat my string cheese. Producer Jess and I got into a heated debate of the proper way to eat the delicious snack.
Do We Really Need Uber? [VIDEO]
I've seen the tv commercials, news stories and read quite a bit about how Uber needs to be here in the Capital Region.  Maybe it does, maybe it doesn't.  But I will say this, I'm tired of hearing local business owners, lobbyists, and over enthusiastic "Uber Fans" talking about how "la…
Brett Young Still Keeps This Piece of His Childhood [VIDEO]
I have such great memories from my childhood and I love thinking back to the great things I experienced when I was little. It's easier for Brett Young to be comforted by his childhood, though, since he always has a piece of it childhood around.
All Easter Candy is not Created Equal
I hope the Easter Bunny is reading this. Holiday candy is one of the pure joys of life.  However, it's ruined time and time again by Easter baskets filled with some of the worst types of candy known to mankind.  It's time to be straight with the bunny, less is more. Less of the b…

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