GNA Morning Rush

Not So Smurftastic
Growing up I was a Smurfaholic. I loved everything Smurfs. I had all of the figurines, the sleeping bag and even for one of my birthday parties it was all Smurf themed.
LuLaRoe, What Am I Missing?
I love leggings. We wake up so early in the morning for the show, then sit at our desks to prep for the next day or write blogs like these, I don't want to wear tight jeans if I don't have to. I try to look for the best and I just keep seeing this name everywhere!
Grandma Gets a Smelly Surprise at Zoo [VIDEO]
Animals are incredible and zoos are currently the one way we have the ability to get as close as possible to the animals. They are animals though, with minds of their own and sometimes, they're pretty unpredictable like this grandma learned.
Take Me Out to the Protest [PHOTO]
When San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick decided not to stand for the National Anthem during NFL games, it became the kind of talk and fodder that extended far beyond football. It was his freedom of expression even if you disagreed with it.
Microchip Implants at Work, Does That Make Me Part Robot?
I like my privacy. I don't really have anything in particular that I need to hide from people but I just feel uncomfortable with people knowing what I'm doing and where I am all of the time. I have my phone for that and even that freaks me out a bit.
Driving to Work, I Saw This [PHOTO]
When you drive the same way every day to work, you get used to seeing the same houses, the same roads and every so often one or two houses stand out. I've been driving this new route about a month and I look forward to seeing this one house every morning.
He Always Helps The Homeless
Whenever we are in the car and there is a person holding up a sign at the intersection or in the street, Ryan always wants to stop and help.
Get Your Face Out Of Your Phone
Over the weekend, we were out and about a lot. We went everywhere, from a trampoline place, to shopping then to having lunch at a restaurant. Everywhere we went, it seemed like everyone was living through their phones.
What Would You Do With 1K?
Perhaps you've heard that "Starting Monday, win Brian and Chrissy's cash!"  I realize that Chrissy and I were incredibly anxious to get started over here at GNA but me must not have read the fine print in our deal, because I'm pretty sure we would have asked a f…
All Sports, All The Time
I am a huge sports fan. I'm not just talking about the Yankees, The NY Jets and the Buffalo Sabres. I am talking about any sport at any time.

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