American Idol's 2005 winner Carrie Underwood has already stacked up enough songs to release a 'Greatest Hits' album. However, her latest single comes from a new album of all new music titled 'Blown Away'.

The first single, 'Good Girl', is already a hit on Country Radio and now it's becoming a favorite on the dance floor. If you want to get in line and dance to this rockin' country smash, check out the steps below. Then, join us at our next WGNA Country Dance night!


Music:  Good Girl by Carrie Underwood

48 Count 4 wall beginner/intermediate line dance

Choreographed by Cheryl Dibble


Step, Clap Clap, Step Clap X2

1-2&3-4      Step R forward, clap twice; step L forward, clap once

5-6&7-8       Repeat 1-4

Walk Back, Rock Recover, Shuffle

1-2-3-4     Walk back with attitude R-L-R-L

5-6               Rock back on R, recover L

7&8             Shuffle forward RLR

Step, Pivot; Step Pivot; Cross and Cross and Cross, Kick

1-2              Step forward with L and pivot ½ right with weight on R

3-4               Step forward with L and pivot ½ right with weight on R (12:00)

5&6&7-8    Cross L over R, step R to right; cross L over R, step R to right;  cross L over R, kick with R

¼ Right Turning Jazz Box; Cross and Cross and Cross, kick

1-2-3-4        Step R over L, step back with L, turning ¼ right; step R to side, step L beside R (3:00)

5&6&7-8     Cross R over L, step L to left; cross R over L, step L to left; cross R over L, kick with L

Weave Right; ½ Turn Left Sailor Step; Stomp, Stomp

1-2-3-4       Step L behind R, step R to right, step L over R, step R beside L

5&6              Left sailor step, turning ½ left (9:00)

7-8               Stomp R, stomp L

Shuffle Forward, Rock, Recover; Shuffle Back, Rock, Recover

1&2-3-4      Shuffle forward RLR, rock L forward, recover R

5&6-7-8     Shuffle back LRL, rock R back, recover L

Optional Ending Tag: 9th wall (12:00)  Step forward on R, clap twice; step forward on L, clap once, restart the dance and finish with the song.  You are doing 3 sets of step claps in the final wall of the dance while the song is finishing.