A New Sunday Night Football theme is debuting and it’s based on a Carrie Underwood song!

We all know the “waiting all day for Sunday night” theme.  I’m actually singing it as I type it out! I really like it, maybe because of its longevity, but I think it fitting and catchy!  That being said, the NFL doesn’t really listen to me, so a new song is coming!  Although we haven’t heard it yet, it was confirmed that the song will be based on Carrie Underwood's “Something Bad” song.

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“Waiting all day for Sunday night” football theme song has been performed for a decade now. That’s hard to believe – 10 years, wow!  The song has been performed by great artists like Pink, Faith Hill and most recently Carrie Underwood.  With the new opening theme based on her song, Carrie will continue to perform the opening number before the Sunday night football games.

The new theme song debuts September 11th when the New England Patriots play the Arizona Cardinals.

One more reason to look forward to football season!!