Gypsy is currently playing at Albany's Capital Repertory Theater. We recently had a chance to watch the show and the reaction seemed to be unanimous- Capital Rep delivered another winner!

At times the production was so flawless and presented with such quality that it would be easy for the audience to think they were watching the show on Broadway.  Mary Callanan, who played the part of Rose, was an exceptional performer delivering a knock-out performance that would make Bette Midler proud. The young troupe of entertainers all dazzled and displayed an enourmous sense of professionalism for their acting craft- and they all nailed it!

In addition to quality sound, lights, costumes, choreography and sets, the band hit every note perfectly.  While these 'behind-the-scenes' elements might be often overlooked, they play such a big role in making a performance shine- and that they did! 

Albany is lucky to have a treasure like Capital Rep!  The venue gives us the chance to access some top quality entertainment without a train ride to the city, and showcases some of the finest regional actors and musicians in the Northeast.  

Did you see Gypsy at Capital Rep?  If so, please feel free to leave your comments and reviews in the section below.

Click here for our interview with Gypsy's Kelsey Crouch (Louise).

Joe Schuyler