I nearly got trampled to death taking this video, but I have to say it was such a good time At the Ellms Family Farm  for the Insane Inflatable 5 K Event

I thought I was going to give my life for the cause here at the Insane Inflatable 5 K Event at Ellms Family Farms.

This is a spectacular set up – with adult bouncety bounces, HUGE slides and big things that you climb on (do you like my technical terminology?  All kinds of fun.  This is actually the first one I had the chance to view for myself.  Awesome for all ages.

So the announcer (a guy named "Bouncer") dragged me up there right in front of the crowd to give the "ready, set,go" for them to climb, slide and then run for their lives.

The only thing i could think of was to grab my handy dandy iPhone and show you folks the view that I was witnessing.  Here it is.  Can you find yourselves here?

It really amazes me the clarity of the video you can get from something sitting right in your pocket.  I hope you enjoyed that.

Make sure you visit this event next year. It is absolutely unbelievable! (But next time I'm making sure my Blue Cross, Blue Shield is paid up in case I get trampled)