Authors note: Thanks to my wife Andrea for actually writing down Caden's words as he worked so hard to help Daddy!

Last night, I was sitting at the computer as Andrea and Caden were on the couch.  Now, he should have been in bed, but as he told us “his stomach hurt and he thought it was bent a little.”  Crazy I know!  Total staller. Which he apparently gets from me because as I SHOULD have been blogging I'm listening to their conversation. 


So, as they cuddle on the couch, they are so cute,(yes Caden is making a goofy face, let's hope it doesn't freeze like that!) , this conversation happens:

Sean McMaster

A: “Daddy needs to blog”

C: “what’s a blog”

A: “A Blog is a story”

C: OK, I have a blog then I will tell Daddy”

And here is his “blog” word for word:

"My blog for daddy is about Cans – and it’s about cups too!

Once upon a time, stories and tells at night are always at the night, and then they became a truck.  The End"

Andrea told Caden that although creative it was not about cans or cups, nor was it really a story.  So he tried it again.

Take 2

"Once upon a time… a tiger came up and scared the people away. The people were doing work.  The End."

Sean McMaster

Again, not really a story.  As I wished he was sound asleep in his bed, I heard "wait I have a better one"

Take 3

"Once upon a time,  a dragon came to freezed AAAALLLLLLL the children,  so they run as fast as they could and they went to their houses where they saw 3 dogs and one cat and the dogs and cats turned into tooth faries . Once they were tooth fairies they grabbed all the “toothes” (Pronounced – tooth – is) from under the pillows.  The tooth fairies have wands, and they wave them saying Abracadabra  and fell asleep in their castles.  The End."

I then told him stalling was over and it was time for bed!  Hey, he tried! And actually since I just wrote all this out he DID have a blog for me! What a helper.