I want to thank the four schools that I had the chance to visit on Bullying Awareness Week on the Sean, Richie and Bethany Show. And to prove that I don't sleep much, I had all four songs rolling around in my head thinking to myself "Gee, I wonder if they would fit together somehow?"  I thought the kids might like this, especially if they haven't heard the creations from the other schools!  So here we go..

So I jumped in the car this past month and took the keyboard into the following fine institutions -Yates, Schoharie, Taconic Hills and Berne Knox Westerlo Elementary.

Now, if you take all 4 songs and mix them together in a bowl, it might just sound like this..

Now in case that wets your classes'  whistle to hear the whole songs, here are the links:



Thanks to all the kids and all the teachers for a fantastic group of songs.  Here are some links also to my "partners" in this little project: