I saw this on YNN earlier today, and thought it needed to be mentioned. This is such a great and generous thing to do at a local high school football game.

Several football players from Broadalbin-Perth High School wanted to help out the victims in Schoharie, so instead of charging admission to the game, they wanted people to donate what they can. The result was  boxes  and boxes of everyday necessities like tooth paste, tooth brushes, laundry detergent and much more. Not only were there the necessities, but they also raised $1,700, to Schoharie's needy student fund. Many of the Schoharie Central School students are still displaced.

After seeing this story I just wanted to pass it along to you. I know there have been other schools helping out, so I want to congratulate all of them for doing a great job helping out our neighbors. Do you know of any other schools and fundraisers still going on to help our neighbors?