Today we had a , at times heated discussion about Bridesmaids. The writer of the dilemma was a bride who felt that her friends pregnancy might put a damper on her special day. She said that this particular friend,

who kind of asked herself to be in the wedding is the type of girl that would be hard to manage especially 8 months pregnant at the wedding. Her question was , should she ask this girl to step down and not be a bridesmaid anymore.

I for one really didn't realize how crazy this sort of situation can get. It turns out women are very concerned with how their wedding will be, and even more so, about how it is indeed their day and nothing should threaten that fact.

As always the listeners had plenty of input and you can hear them in two parts here. As always if you have some input you can always "comment" at the end of this blog and if you have a dilemma, just e mail the morning show at Here is how it all went down this morning, right up until one woman made us hit the "dump" button because she forgot she was on the radio and used a very bad word!

and part two: