Wow this is one of those things that makes me wonder why such a great idea has taken so long. Don't get me wrong I am so very proud of the creators at Sesame Street for adding the autistic character, "Julia". I can not think of a better vehicle to get the message out to all children that different isn't a bad thing.

As a child I think I learned a great deal about interacting with the world and how different people , and monsters can be from the show Sesame Street. Who better to introduce a new character that reflects the challenges and joys of meeting and making friends with a child with autism.

With educating  children on how to better interact with each other and understand differences in style of play and communication I truly think this character can go a long way towards making the world of an autistic child a better one to live in. As they say in the story on CBS Evening News, " 6 out of 10 children with autism have been bullied at some point, the idea behind Julia is, familiarity breeds compassion." I sure do hope that that is true.