Dogs and cats are part of the family.

American Red Cross

Now there’s a way that you can help them if they’re having a medical problem until you can get veterinary assistance. It’s the new Red Cross Pet First Aid app, from the American Red Cross. The 99 cent app can give pet owners life saving information right at your fingertips.You will also be able to access instant information during emergencies, so they can maintain their pet’s health.

The Pet First Aid app can also provide you with images and videos for more than 25 common first aid and emergency situations for your pet. You’ll also be able to get step b step instructions about several emergency situations including car accidents, burns, what to do for cold and heat related emergencies and more.

Another feature includes a ‘click-to-call’ function, so that you can contact your veterinarians. This new app is available for iPhone and Android Smart Phones and is available at by clicking

American Red Cross

There is a lot more information available about the Pet First App at their website. I would like to give my friend, Jaime Watson, the Regional Communications Director of the Red Cross Of Northeastern New York, for giving me the information about the Pet First Aid app, so could pass the information to you, and possibly help save your pet's life.