Have you seen this video yet?  It really is quite amazing on so many levels.  At first I was like , no way this didn't really happen?  Then I watched it and it was so scary for me I had to let you see it.  The scary thing to me ,  isn't that he was not paying attention.  He is 10 years old.  It isn't even that it's a video game and we are losing our children to mind numbing technology.  What scares me is that I later learned that both his Mother and Sister were with him and while I watch the video , I can't see either of them close to him, IN A SUBWAY!  I mean this is a known danger area for many of reasons, I 'm pretty sure I would be making sure my child was next to me at all times.  And  the boy is walking toward the end of the ramp for some time before he falls.  No one seems to be paying attention to him. Here is the video for you to watch.

Fortunately, both the boy, and the hero who jumped in to get him are fine.  Though had this happened one minute later, one or both of them would have been killed.  But again, the fact that he was fine probably explains why some would find humor in this video as shown by some of the comments that followed.  You get all kinds of comments from all types of people.  You get plenty from people like myself who are just amazed and somewhat horrified that this could happen. Like this viewer who wrote , "It's not just children who get engrossed in video games/texting. Improper use of hand held devices is not only extremely dangerous, it is annoying and rude as hell! Who saw the woman in the mall tumble into the fountain? This is not an isolated incident. I work with the public and see crap like this every day." Or this one,  "The kid learned the hard way that you cannot walk straight without looking straight. He is a very lucky boy that no trains were coming along. Hope he learns to be stationary when playing that gameboy/psp/iphone device or whatnot."

And you also get the "funny" people like these, "I bet he is unhappy cause he didn't save the game." or "Damn, Darwin maybe next time. Hopefully this stupid does not breed and pass on his dna."  And my personal favorite, " What the hell is a VIDEO game??"  If the situation wasn't so close to being a true tragedy, I'm sure some video game company would be using this clip in their next ad.

Me?  I just keep thinking about the line from Ellen Degeneres, in her stand up "Here and Now".  The line is about hands free phones, " Chances are, if you need both hands to do something, your brain should be in on it as well."  Maybe you just have to do one thing or the other, walk or play video games. Not both.