Yes, the headline is true. Hide your bikinis. Someone is stealing them and Troy Police are trying to find him.

According to News 10, a South Try man has video of the 'Bikini Bandit' in the act. They have been hanging the swimsuits out to dry this summer, and 17 have been stolen! That's a lot of bikinis. Here is the surveillance video they have of the bandit caught in the act:

My first thought is - why would someone steal 17 bikinis? And after more thought, this person may have some sort of obsession. Then again, I am obsessed with bikinis too, but I don't steal them. I think we could speculate for hours what is going on here; any way you look at it, this is odd.

News 10 says Troy Police are following up on some leads to catch this guy and "If arrested, the man faces petit larceny and trespassing charges."

Maybe it's a good time to switch to a one piece?