What would YOU do with a vacant Kmart?  How 'bout bulldozing it and plopping down $50 million dollars?  For what, you say? 

How about 200 apartments including a pool, clubhouse and place to work off those pounds.  And that's the upper floor of the development.  Beneath it?  25,000 square feet of office space, plus a restaurant and lots of office space.

It could mean a TON of jobs too and more revenue for the C.P.

Google Earth

They have one of these "mixed use" places in Malta, and I personally think it looks fantastic.

Would you move into something like this?  Think of it - no yard work.  No shoveling the driveway.  You want to grab a bite to eat?  Just walk downstairs.  I've gotta go down to the home depot and get the "For Sale" sign.  I'm in!