You’ve heard the story of Manti Teo, right?  Te’o was receiving phone calls and letters and texts from a woman who he thought was his girlfriend.  He had even talked with many of her family members.  Well, the whole thing turned out to be a hoax – there was no girlfriend.

I can’t pass up an opportunity for a good time so let the MANTI TE’OING begin!!  You've heard of Planking and Tebowing  - well now I challenge you to join me in Te'oing!  I want to see pictures of you TE’OING. 

Here’s Mine:


Here’s Flounder:


Psst.  It’s Debbie. I’m taking over Jeff’s article here because I can.  I have access to ALL OF THE ARTICLES.  Te’oing is pretty funny, but I can’t help but notice how lonely Jeff looks at the bar.  So I gave him a couple of dates, so he wouldn’t look like he couldn’t find someone to go out with: