Happy Friday! If you’ve got a few hours before you can start your weekend of fun, take a look at the following websites and videos to help pass the time.

The NYPD is being sued by the parents of a 7 year old boy for $250 million.  The little boy found $5 on the floor of his Bronx elementary school and picked it up.  This lead to a fight between him and the child who said he lost it, and the school called the police.  The police brought the child to the police station on suspicion of robbery and assault.  The lawsuit claims the child was held for ten hours in handcuffs and interrogated like a hardened criminal.  More on the story can be read at TheFW.com.


When a 24-year-old singer with nerve damage from having his tonsils out shows up to audition at American Idol - you automatically think it’s going to be one of the terrible auditions.  But that wasn’t the case – Micah Johnson sang Zac Brown Band’s “Chicken Fried” really well!  Keith Urban even joined in with some harmony.

Jeff was at Trivia last night and starting Te’oing.  There’s an article up at WGNA.com with photos and he invites you to share your own Te’oing pictures.


What do you do about the Father/Daughter dance at a wedding when the father passes away just before the wedding?  A wedding video on TheFW will have you in tears – the brother of the bride sings “Butterfly Kisses” to his sister while all the men in her family take a turn dancing with her.


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