It's pretty obvious that father's Day is a much bigger challenge than Mother's Day when it comes to figuring out where to take dad and what to get him. Mom's are great at letting you know what they want and like to do while dads always tell you they don't want anything, or to go anyplace. Dad still deserves a good time on his day so we asked our intern Chels for her ideas this Father's Day - she came up with some great ideas and we hope you find these useful!

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    Tractor Supply Co.

    If there's one thing dad will enjoy doing, it's looking at power equipment. You could get him gift card ahead of time too so if he sees something he likes, he can make a purchase. This is the dad equivalent of taking mom to the spa - he'll love it. With over a dozen locations around our area, it's easy to find this specialty store plus if you live someplace more urban, the ride to the store will be a nice trip into some more rural areas.

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    First things first - DO NOT tell mom you're taking dad skydiving - she will NOT approve. Show her the photos afterward - follow the mantra of "ask forgiveness later" in this case. What am amazing way to bond with dad and what a thrill! It'll make for the most memorable Father's Day ever. What makes this an even easier thing to do is that we have TWO local businesses that offer skydiving adventures - they are linked below.

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    Jillian's Of Albany

    Jillian's has a HUGE game room to go hang out in while dad has a beer and maybe some nachos too. If your dad is into racing, then hop on the racing games but let him win, you know, because it is Father's Day after all. There are plenty of other games too and if there happens to a baseball game on the TV, Jillian's has plenty of large TVs everyplace. OR you could take him to our #2 choice -

    Jillian's of Albany
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    Tri-City Valley Cats Game

    We are so fortunate to have a minor league baseball team in the Albany area and it's always a treat to head over to "The Joe" in Troy to catch a game. Aside from the traditional baseball foods like peanuts and hotdogs, they also serve beer from Brown's Brewing Company. Plus if you happen to catch the right night you'll be treated to a stellar fireworks show. Some of the best memories with dad are made at a baseball game and as luck would have it there is a game on Father's Day this year - The Valley Cats take on the Vermont Lake Monsters at 5PM.They have some pre-game "dad stuff" including a brunch earlier in the day - check out the link below for more info.

    Valley Cats Baseball
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    Frear Park Golf Course

    Dad loves golf - and even if you don't he'd be pretty impressed if you took him and gave it a shot. Or drove the golf cart for him. Frear Park in Troy is not only a public golf course (read: inexpensive) but also is a pretty popular golf course. The City of Troy does an excellent job of maintaining the park and it's usually quite busy too. Parking is easy and plentiful plus you get to spend a whole bunch of time with dad outside. After your game is done head to the Park Pub for some excellent food - and don't forget to ask for an order of their "Peanut Butter and Jelly Wings". Don't knock 'em till you've tried them. They are truly awesome.

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