This dilemma brought out a little bit of passion amongst the members of the morning show. Truth is your wedding day is important, one of the most important days of your life. The argument I made is that I don't think spending a lot of money or having great photos is ever going to be the reason you love that day.  Actually I think if those are the reasons, you maybe shouldn't have gotten married.

I understand it is very important to every bride but, in my experience it is almost NEVER a perfect day and if you expect perfection, you will only be disappointed in what should be a day you always remember with a smile.


Here is what our listener wrote in to us:

"This past summer my husband and I got married. We hired an acquaintance who is starting their own business to shoot the wedding. At first things were great! But after the wedding she was five weeks late with the digital processing and when we asked for a flash drive of ALL the photos of the wedding she gave us 260 of them instead of all like the contract said. Normally I am not... a petty or aggressive person, but my breaking point is that there is only one shot of the father/daughter dance and it was the back of my Dad's head. I have reached out to her where the rest of the pictures are, but I haven't heard back. I'm now ready to move to small claims court because after everything we have essentially paid almost 1200 bucks for 260 pictures.

The dilemma-my husband works with her husband and they're friends. My husband doesn't care about the pictures, but the five pictures of the mother/son dance are gorgeous. I know she took many more of my dance with my father.

Am I being post wedding bride-zilla? Should I just move on like my husband says and not worry about the rest of the pictures, that's it!"

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