Well, there seems to be a growing list of possible harmful things we ingest, and an equal list of controversies surrounding them. Here's the newest addition.  

You're gonna be very upset with me on this, but it looks like BACON will endanger your health and wellbeing in a major way (that's if you read the new report from the WHO - World Health Organization.  They said that processed meats, like sausage, ham and hot dogs are all carcinogens. If you have 50 grams a day of bacon (two slices), you could have an almost 20% increase in colorectal cancer.

But now the meat industry is firing back in a major way. Don't mess with the National Cattlemen's Beef Association.  They have a beef of their own.

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They say that if you read the study, the panel of WHO experts don't all agree on the findings..  They actually say that the nutrients in meat supersede any of the supposed "hazards".

So what is the consumer supposed to walk away with here?  It's bad for you.  NO, it's actually GOOD for you.  Hey, I'm going to have to discuss this over lunch with my morning show cohorts (but I'm ordering a BLT - damn the torpedoes)

Will this make you think twice about bacon? Would love to know.