Is Apple moving to Malta? Not exactly, but some of their processors might just be produced here soon!  Plus - should you jump on the early Sony PS4 bandwagon, or should you resist temptation?  This week's Tech Talk -

Exciting news for New York State if this were to come true.  According to a report at the, this sounds pretty definite.  I quote:

GlobalFoundries, a company created when AMD spun off its manufacturing operations, will build the (iPhone and iPad) processors at its Fab 8 facility in the town of Malta.

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Samsung had been making these chips for years, but according to the report, they want to start counting on them less (especially since they are always suing one another. Could you imagine?  I can't wait for the iPhone 6! More work for the Capital Region!!

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It looks like the PS4 game console from Sony will be released in a matter of days.  I hate to be a killjoy, but according to a report from, at least one writer, Scott Stein  advises that you should wait a year before purchasing it.   Why?  Well, according to him, some of the really good games aren't available yet, Like Grand Theft Auto V, BioShock Infinite and the like.  He also mentioned that you can't play PS3 games on the new device. It's not backward compatible!  Don't you hate that?  So now you need 2 systems set up!  Also some of the streaming services aren't ready yet!   Hey-It's up to you, kids.  I'm just the messenger here.


And finally, this from  According to the Next, the online shopping behemoth has a new service - Sunday delivery!  Don't get too excited yet.  It's only happening in Los Angeles and New York metropolitan areas.  You have to have Amazon Prime Accont (which already gives you two day shipping for no charge).  That will entitle you to this new convenience.  This could be good for the poor struggling Post Office!  Nice move, Amazon.