Every once in a while, our listeners post messages on my Facebook page asking me to share with others issues that are important to them.  I always feel bad because it’s hard to re post everything that gets sent to me.  So I decided that every Sunday, I will take one or 2 of the posts and highlight them to help our listeners bring attention to those in our community that need our help and support.  Our listeners are the most generous in the capital region.  You always come to the table when you are asked, whether it’s for Pennies from Heaven or the St. Judes Radiothon.  So now I would like to help you spread the word about what is important to you! Please keep posting your requests to me on the Sean and Richie Facebook  page, then check out wgna.com and I will highlight some of them on Sundays!

This week, one story has come up on my facebook thread by Dayton King.  It’s the story of Anna King, a 12 year old girl originally from Mayfield NY who needs a heart transplant.  Anna is Dayton’s Niece.

I just love the way this little girl and her family are handling this life altering situation, with humor!  Humor Heals a Heart, The Anna King Project” is the title on her website telling her story.  Right now, Anna and her family are only asking for prayers as she awaits a new heart.

Originally from Mayfield, the King family has moved to Texas where they will go through this journey, but their friends and family here in Mayfield are asking for support to get the word out about Anna in hopes of gaining additional prayers!  As a parent, I can’t imagine going through the challenge this family is facing.  I know if it were me, I would want as many people praying for me as possible.

When you read the opening story of Anna in the hospital blowing up surgical gloves to make “D-cups”, you can’t help but laugh and want to do something to help!

This is a brave little girl from our area that needs our help.  Please spread the word, and keep Anna and her family, both local and in Texas, in your prayers.  Anna’s website will soon highlight fundraising events and I hope we all do everything we can to support them.

My thoughts and prayers are with Anna and her family!