I know that you know about all of the flooding that’s happening in around the Mississippi River in parts of the United States like southern states, Tennessee and Louisiana.

Not only are the floods affecting the south, but other parts of the country, like Missouri and Illinois. So many people have lost property and personal belongings, with many more to come. In a story from AP, residents heeded warnings to seek higher ground after a major floodgate was opened for the first time in four decades, in some Cajun-country towns. Of course we’re all praying for the safety and well being of those people.

I don’t know how this would happen or if it’s even feasible, but it’s something I have thought about for quite a while. Connect a mass piping system, or national pipeline, throughout the United States. This would feature a pumping system that could turn the water on and off as needed. Have the open ends of the system near rivers and waterways that seem to get the most flooding. This would include connecting to the levees. You would need to build several water storage tanks or towers all around the country. When it’s known that there will be flooding, have the system turned on, to send the water and to the various tanks. These tanks would collect the water, and hold it until needed, like during a very dry summer or drought. This water could be used to water crops on farms. This would even be used in the Albany area, for those long periods in the summer when we don't get rain.

After enough research has been done, it could possibly go through a filtration system, to make it safe for drinking. I’m not a plumber or scientist, so that’s where someone’s expertise would come in. With all the work that would need to be done for my “pipe dream,” this whole thing would create jobs and maybe help us conserve water. What ideas do you have for this?