I hope I'm not spreading a false rumor or anything, but I just read this on Facebook, so it must be true.

I trust Jay Bobbin.  He has been a movie and television reviewer in the area for a very long time.  In his Facebook post just today he states that next season's American Idol will be the last one..  He is also predicting that they just might be taking a break and maybe will bring it back in a couple of years.

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Like everything else in this world, I'm sure they have been hurt by the competition, like "The Voice" for example .  Wait a minute - I just googled this and according to Variety.com they are backing Jay up on this.

Do you realize that they have been cranking out musical phenomena for 15 years?  It's really hard to believe.  Does anyone remember who the first winner was?  The second? How many runners-up ended up doing better than the winners?  Hmmm- this might be the next trivia contest on the show!

Will you miss it?  And furthermore, what will Ryan Seacrest do for extra income?  I'm worried for the guy.

Thanks for the post, Jay. See folks?  He's right again