This is heartbreaking.

Florida teenager Rebecca Sedwick committed suicide over an alleged bullying incident. She jumped off a silo according to  She would have been 13. Her mother posted a birthday message on Facebook that she would like you to read. The article describes the alleged incident which seems to have stemmed from Rebecca and one of her friends expressing feelings for the same boy. The bullying supposedly started with this friend and spread to 15 girls at Crystal Lake Middle School in Florida.

Here is a link to the Facebook birthday message that her mother posted. It's heartbreaking. Condolences to the family over this horrible incident.

This is just one more reason why I feel compelled to take the anti-bullying message to as many counties as possible this month. Ironically, it's ANTI-BULLYING awareness month.

I will be presenting a song very soon that was co-written by five different groups of kids in five different counties.

Photo by Richie

Why this continues to happen is beyond me, but we need to make it stop!  If it's happening to someone you know and love, visit the Academy Of Character Education at the Sage Colleges website. They have many resources available here and good advice as well.