If you have elderly family members or friends, please watch out for them and help them from becoming a victim of a crime, especially what happened in this story.


At least six people have been arrested after they were accused of what is being considered hate crimes against the elderly. The ring of suspects allegedly worked together in a plan to go to elderly people, tell them that they were going to do some sort of work for them, charge each of them more than $3,000 dollars, and then leave with the money and not do the work that they promised to do for the victims. Besides not doing the work, The Albany County District Attorney’s Office is also claiming that the elderly victims were overcharged for the work that was supposed to be done. Authorities are claiming that the group of suspects were specifically going after the victims because of their age.

So far, two of the suspects have pleaded guilty for the alleged crimes. They are 37-year-old John Waterson and 58-year-old Henry Hicks. Both suspects were sentenced to several years in jail.

According to the story from CBS 6 Albany, some of the other suspects were arraigned and are facing several charges including Grand Larceny. Those suspects are 27-year-old Jessica Paradiso, 49-year-old Frank Chrysler, 57-year-old Susan Barr and 60-year-old John Risto.