I love the small towns.  The smaller the better, as far as I'm concerned, and this one is SMALL.  Welcome once again to this installment of Your Town Thursday

I took this shot from my private plane -  NOT!

I would like to thank Randall Grippin, Valerie Trossbach, Ashely Wallace Fred Dunn and others who gave me some information via Facebook.  I can't believe I forgot to mention Foxenkill, Cole Hill and Berne Mill.  They all rhyme and I forgot to put it in the lyrics, so I'm including the names here.

Using a great Alan Jackson song, "Little Bitty" - (originally composed  by Tom T. Hall) I manipulated the words a bit to talk about a little bitty town in the center of the hill towns, Berne.    Here's your song.

Little Bitty Berne

Parody lyrics ©2012 Richie Phillips  All Rights Reserved

original song by Alan Jackson  All Rights Reserved


If you like a little town

Then you can get your fix

route 443 til it meets 156

Center of the helderbergs that's a lot of hills

Created from a town that was a part of rennselearville


it's a town and dang if it ain't pretty

It's the polar opposite of livin in the city

It's a place where you can live with out fear

You can bet your &&&& they don't have hydro franking here


It's a nice place to visit if you wanna get outta dodge

With a  farmers market run by the Masonic lodge

When I  need syrup for my pancakes

No need to twist my arm

Just head on down to the mountain wind farms


if you go to east Berne don't take a LONG vacation

There's two restaurants and one gas station

Thats about they got you won't find much more

Unless you need a wrench cuz they got a hardware store


There's an elementary middle and high school that they got

Conveniently they're all in the same parking lott

Center of town nearly got it from Irene

But the residents are tough and they made an awesome team


Bernes the town and it's a little bitty

If you ain't been there its a real pity

Take a ride and get there 'fore its dark

You'll have an awesome view of that gorgeous thatcher park


I'm Rhymin richie and that's all I gotta say

Your town thursday on 'GNA


Would you like to nominate your town?  Remember, there's now a 3 fact minimum.  Please name your town in the comment section and include at least 3 interesting facts about it and it will be reviewed by our huge Your Town Thursday nominating committee (me - lol) .  Thanks in advance.