A man held up a Walgreens Pharmacy in Norwich, Connecticut, but it didn’t take authorities long to catch the thief.

In a story from TheDay.com, 43-year-old Joseph H. Michaud allegedly went into the Walgreens Pharmacy late at night wearing a black ski mask and demanded that the clerk give him all the $20 dollar bills in the register. He also said that he had gun in his right pocket.

After the police arrived at the scene and did some investigating, they found a jacket nearby. Inside one of the pockets was a letter addressed to Michaud. According to Prosecutor Lawrence J. Tyla, the police went to Michaud’s apartment, but he wasn’t home. He later turned himself in and told the police that he spent the money from the robbery on crack cocaine, and slept in the woods.

On April 18, he will be sentenced to five years in prison followed by three years of special parole. Don't you just love a not so intelligent criminal?