This is a quick follow-up to a blog I did over the weekend.  I was in pretty desperate straits. We had a puppy that my son brought home that his landlord would not let him keep.  We have a dog already and very crazy schedules.  We needed to get him placed and fast.  Enter Facebook and  our amazing listeners.

Never underestimate the power of the internet.  I posted this on my blog and our WGNA Facebook account at midnight Saturday nite.  As sure as I'm born, a very nice lady responded about 15 minutes later saying that she wanted to "meet Cali and welcome her into the family".

I thought to myself "this has to be a fluke".  Long story short-we met at 9:30am Sunday morning, and the dog went running to this extremely nice family right in the Kmart parking lot.  It felt very right from the second we all met, and we were extremely relieved.

So special thanks to this family who may want to remain anonymous.  But an EXTRA thanks to all of you who responded afterwards.  It killed me to have to say no to the rest of you, because there were some very heartfelt stories attached to some of the messages.

It's weird, and it may seem like a "let's get the hip boots" statement, but I still feel like all of you out there are  part of a huge family, and I'm really glad to continue to be a part of it.   Thanks for all the help, and I sincerely hope you find a puppy for your very own.  (Did you check Steve Caporizzo's Pet Connection?  We do that every week, and he has some great ones all the time! )